8-10 March 2023

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An introduction to the Lillehammer documents

At the 2003 Conference a series of intensive workshops followed by an open debate were designed to develop ways of improving the efficiency of the claims process. At the conclusion of the debate it was evident that all delegates supported greater clarity and transparency in the roles and obligations of the parties and procedural issues, and the elimination of unnecessary delays; to be achieved by the development of a practical and legally sound Claims Protocol with universal application.

A working group, aided by extensive consultation with underwriters, Insureds, brokers, lawyers and other service providers, recognised that two related documents were required to fulfil the aims of the 2003 Conference. Thus at the 2004 Conference drafts of the ‘Lillehammer International Energy Claims Handling Protocol’ and the ‘Lillehammer Terms of Engagement for Energy Loss Adjusters’ were presented and discussed. Following the discussions at the 2004 Conference in February and subsequent additional consultation the final documents were launched in April 2004 and can be found on the following pages.

Although initially conceived as a means of improving the claims process, in part by setting out service standards and generating greater transparency, it quickly became apparent that the Claims Handling Protocol and the Terms of Engagement sat well with the increasingly significant demands of enhanced corporate governance and regulation.

As a product of a co-operative effort of insurers, loss adjusters, Insureds, brokers, consultants and lawyers, the documents are intended to have global application and be capable of operation within any legal regime and irrespective of the law and jurisdiction applying to any insurance or reinsurance policy. The Claims Protocol does not form part of any policy nor override or amend any contractual requirements or legal obligations imposed by national, state or local law and regulation.

The Terms of Engagement document - designed to sit beside the Claims Handling Protocol, although each can be used independently - addresses the relationship between insurers and their loss adjusters, essentially setting out the how the loss adjuster will operate.

Since its issuance in 2004, many underwriters, Insured and brokers and chosen to operate in accordance with the Claims Handling Protocol. Similarly many leading underwriters and loss adjusters have adopted the Terms of Engagement as their standard relationship document.

As a result of experience and market developments, the Terms of Engagement were revised during 2010 and the latest version, formally launched at the 2011 Lillehammer Energy Claims Conference, is available from this website. The documents will continue to be reviewed and improved in the light of experience and your continued input and comments are invited through the connections on the following pages.